Sandy Gardiner

Sandra Gardiner

Strategic Financial Advisor

Sandra Gardiner is a partner at FLG Partners, a leading CFO services firm in the Silicon Valley and a skilled business and finance executive with over 30 years of experience as an EVP and CFO at private and public companies in the Life Sciences sector. She has served as the Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration, Secretary and Treasurer of Pulse Biosciences, Inc., a bioelectric medicine company, since November 2019. Prior to joining Pulse Biosciences, she’s held CFO roles in both domestic and global companies, operating as a director to international subsidiaries throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. Her tenure includes leadership positions at development-stage, pre-commercial to enterprise, commercial $350M+ biotech and medtech companies. She’s been involved in executing numerous financial transactions, including IPOs, secondary offerings, private placements, reverse mergers, rights offerings, ATMs and debt facilities raising over $1Bn in capital and completed two M&A transactions.