Director of Translational Development, Luis Carvajal, shares his perspective on Kronos Bios’ innovative science and how he is helping to progress Kronos Bio’s KB-0742 program.

Who We Are

At Kronos Bio, we’re focused on creating a world where no life is cut short by cancer or other serious diseases. That’s why we’re developing therapeutics that target the dysregulated transcription that causes cancer and other serious diseases—to bring forward novel therapies for patients who need them.

Our Science

Our team has the tools, scientific expertise and determination to discover, develop and deliver medicines that reach traditionally hard-to-reach targets.

Transcription factors have long been attractive to drug developers, who historically have pursued them in isolation with little success. Our approach is different: We pursue the transcription factors in context, within their transcriptional regulatory networks (TRNs). By analyzing the TRN in its entirety, we can identify the critical nodes that are responsible for a transcription factor’s activity. This provides us with multiple avenues to pursue, rather than limiting our focus on a single transcription factor—and in turn, allows us to advance programs with the greatest potential to inhibit oncogenic activity.

Our Pipeline

At Kronos Bio, we have two molecules that have emerged from our product engine. KB-0742, our CDK9 inhibitor, is being evaluated in a phase 1/2 clinical trial as a treatment for patients with MYC-dependent tumors such as triple negative breast cancer, non-small cell lung cancer and ovarian cancer, as well as patients with transcription factor fusion-driven cancers and other transcriptionally addicted cancers including chordomas, sarcomas and small cell lung cancer. Our new development candidate, KB-9558, targets the KAT domain of p300, a critical node of the IRF4 TRN, which is a core oncogenic transcription program that drives multiple myeloma.

Additionally, Kronos Bio began a discovery collaboration with Genentech in January 2023. Our companies are working together to advance novel therapies against transcriptional targets in oncology.

To learn more please visit our pipeline and scientific publications pages.

Our Culture

Our work is our calling, and we’re pursuing it together.

Our team has an established track record with decades of scientific and business experience. We find meaning in making purposeful connections as we seek to bring forward groundbreaking therapies for patients who need them. We are intensely dedicated and curious—and we are taking informed risks to close the gaps between what we know now and what will change the way cancer and other serious diseases are treated in the future.

Our Core Values

Empower One Another

Embrace The Unknown

Turn Impossible Into Inevitable

Lead With Heart


Join our team.

We’re looking for individuals who want to join us as we seek to discover and develop new medicines. Our employees in San Mateo, California and Cambridge, Massachusetts are passionate about the scientific problems we’re striving to solve and the patients who could one day benefit from the progress we can make together.

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